Deep Breath

deep breath

Switch the topic.
It’s optical not optional.
Scratch your itch.
Leverage is yours;
You should take it.

I was given the try;
But I did not make it.
Listen; I’m not done!
Look; watch the angle
…you’re looking from.

Odd; but who knows much?
I know enough, “I know God”.
Feelings cannot shadow Truth.
I identify the tree by its fruit.

I repeat; this is God’s show;
Take a seat in the front row.
“Grace is Free”. God is in me!
I fell. I descended into hell.

– “An expert” is just someone
…with someone else’s opinion.
Question your own question;
– The cert is not communion.

I am God’s “Plan A”. – To men…
I’m just a “Side B”, but on replay.
I live what doubt cannot steer!
Perfect Love does casts out fear.


— Ricardo Sexton



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