– The Youth must have a good attitude;
For in life, even death is misunderstood.
Stay out of your thoughts. And let each
One teach everything they were taught.

Long time is shortened in a broken clock.
Do not be woken blinded by its Enough!
The lot are fake. Hold on to the real one;
For what gives, evenly takes; that’s sum.

What you can’t reach, isn’t worth a leap.
For what you need, lays under your feet.
Stand Up! To skip the seat one last time.
Watch the top, and step up to the climb.


— Ricardo Sexton


  1. Lovely thoughts!
    In all sincerity, life is beautiful when viewed from the right perspective.
    How often things are misunderstood!
    How often we neglect the treasures under our feet in search of the seemingly more valuable treasures, forgetting that not all that glitters is gold.
    Nice post! 👍🏽

    Liked by 2 people


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