My opaqueness is less than “the darkness”.
So, I refrain from the love I cannot contain.
I considered all as loss, I’m left with today.
Now, I can hear laughter from miles away.

I’ve stranded so far; maybe I had no choice.
The voice stands corrected, to what I reject.
I’m the glass ceiling. The mirror can’t reflect
A mountain and a cliff cannot jump off of it.

I’m used to the blown fuse, but, thankful for
The moonlight; and glad for limited insight.
I’m a witness to ‘the soul’ shaking to its core.
A hammer couldn’t smash me. It is not easy!


— Ricardo Sexton


  1. This poem inspires hope & resilience from the ashes of great loss. “Now I can hear laughter from miles away” ….
    what a wonderful description of healing from grief. It rightly suggests that although the laughter has always been there, it cannot be heard by people in the grip of grief.
    I found the last verse to be very powerful.
    We all have our hurts & pain. The challenge is to be “thankful & glad”, & ultimately recognize our resilience.

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