Miseducation is injected into the patient
Find the location on economic castration
Forced to a role in the mass incarceration
Now, the control is the summed impatient

(‘All or nothing’) always fails the intuition
And again, (you lose more than you gain)
Your very brain is a creature of repetition
So fairly, the cycle feature will surely win

You must live it, drum an exact same tune
Grief to become ‘impassive in misfortune’
An infant too soon dismisses its own illness
The elephant in the room is fatherlessness


More, the spirit of war fights without
A knowledge of what it’s fighting for
Confined in its flaws & its frustration
Blind to sure laws & pure defamation

Again, obviously isn’t really obvious
As a plain remain lacking an explain
Telling: Don’t fall for the bait in play
Yelling: Don’t brawl injustice this way

The youth who has bled are as ready
In quotes, it’s not too late for red notes
Accepting & defending the narrative
As yet, misunderstanding the relative

Now, totally confused to its own fate
Used to a wow of getting away with it
Intolerance still the last resort (only)
In court… “Violence kills the money”

By lend; the winner, wins in confuse
In the end; the loser chooses to lose
Bottomless means free fall. (Careful)
Fatherlessness is the score. (AWFUL)


— Ricardo Sexton



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