Hallowed Chasm

hallowed chasm

Go! Tell to the world that you’re right.
You learned everything while muted.
Please, demonstrate the undisputed;
The theorem of Life, and chess tricks.

You have answered all the questions.
You have solved all cussed equations.
There’s nothing left to do, but “deny”.
Every cry [to be cried] has been cried.

You already fulfilled the twelve tasks;
Rewritten scripts from centuries past;
Signed its duplicates with wet shards;
Placed ‘the Joker’ in the deck of cards.

You strolled all day, and slept at night;
Repaired the radio, just to get rid of it;
Cooked up the magic spell for frit love;
Quoted Bible excerpts nailed by heart.

You met in the dark, an elderly friend;
Who taught you to only have the best.
You have no questions, wants or cares;
– For there are only “Truths” to declare.


— Ricardo Sexton


  1. WOW, Ricardo, that’s deep. It sounds like you’ve been to too many Zoom classes! I loved the line “You learned everything while muted.” (I was in a class like that yesterday.) I actually loved it because I didn’t have to sit there. I turned off the video and listened while I did other things, too.

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