Liberté Adage

liberté adage

YOU ARE FREE to toss away your
Manacles at any given moment.
It is extreme BAD FAITH to shut
Your eyes to another alternative.

People don’t have to understand
Your goal. It’s better if they don’t.
Don’t feel subdued by the weight
Of traditional, and the status quo.

Be acutely attentive to “moments”
In which THE WORLD reveals itself,
As far stranger, and more uncanny
Than we normally choose to admit.

Instants where the logic we ascribe,
The day-to-day become unavailable.
Showing things as highly contingent
And even absurd and so frightening.

Be aware of EXISTENCE as it is being
Peeled off from any of the prejudices,
And so many stabilized assumptions,
Lent to us by the mundane routines.

Question all answers and repetitions.
And every VERY LOGICAL description.
Strip away a surface normality, to see:
The radical & bizarre lurking beneath.


— Ricardo Sexton

1 Comment

  1. I’m very drawn to verses 3 & 5 of this poem.
    Be acutely attentive to “moments”
    In which the world reveals itself….
    It is so true that “so many of our stabilized assumptions (are)lent to us by the mundane routines”
    I enjoy the depth of your thoughts & how you use your words to convey them.

    Liked by 1 person


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