The corrosion of intelligence involves the denial of what your eyes see, replacing reality with a feeling or an idea. It is the elevation of sensations to the category of absolute truth, inverting the whole structure of reality, that ends up being in the background.

As previously predicted by Professor Olavo de Carvalho: “to describe the truth as it is, in the near future, would become something criminal”. THAT FUTURE HAS ARRIVED.

The mere narrative of how things are – things visible to everyone — is capable of arousing feelings and passions, all with the intention of obtaining personal satisfaction by denying the truth that lies ahead.

Yes. Your eyes see the restaurants open with people wearing masks and removing them as soon as they sit at the table, staying there for hours talking and spitting droplets into each other’s faces, relaxed.

You strive to deny the stupidity that this conduct represents, because you have already placed your sensations above the truth, living in a matrix that denies the obvious and passively accepts imbecility as a standard, because this way you feel welcomed in the social bosom and avoid problems.

As I do not suffer from your moral weakness, I will continue exposing stupidity, hypocrisy and lobotomized behaviors – even you, functional illiterate, not understanding that I am talking about everything – but a virus.

Replacing what is being seen with an artificially inoculated sensation is reminiscent of comedian Grouxo Marx: “would you rather believe in me or in your own eyes”? From the hysterical reactions to a mere description of reality, it is clear that Grouxo was a visionary.

“Nobody is obliged to participate in a society’s spiritual crisis. On the contrary, everyone is obliged to avoid madness and live their lives in order”. (Eric Voegelin)


— Ricardo Sexton

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