I recall that light in your eyes
That bright smile and its aim
Now – you have red-raw eyes
Looking to see who to blame

It’s different; it isn’t like before
Its song sung its ended encore
Time itself forgot this old town
You gave all you got for a frown

A mirror confusion is by design
– You deserve to runout of time
We get what we want; no please
Human, that’s what this stunt is


— Ricardo Sexton


  1. Of sunrise to sunset, human beings are like a torch burning out that we fade into a comforting blackness. It’s all we see, in a split-second of our sleep, before another day arrives when we must burn.

    Good poem. I like your style. It’s very… human. :D

    In all seriousness, keep writing this kind of stuff. It really flows well. I’ve been trying to write something good, myself, though all I keep doing is throwing out little increments.

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