part one…

You and me. It is not so complicated
And, It is not hard to see – Who of us
will express that our love is outdated.

If I say I no longer feel, I’m not elated
and, the journey without you is “Ace”
I know so, – you will laugh in my face.

I already know your smile. I read your
eyes and your smile is just a disguise.
– I wished everything that time tries.

I apologise, I tried to doubt the voice.
As it was tough to hide it between us;
I trusted life knowing everything dies.

Now, no more secrets fit, or adds to it
Besides what we’ve already agreed to
In the gap of promises we vowed true.


part two…

When / if I say I want to end it or digress
I phrase it in reverse. If I pretend I forget
Just remember – I didn’t forget anything
Because… the further I go, the closer I get

And losing sight of you is this won chase
And that’s why I had to cancel the future
And I make memories into my safe place.

Not that I want to relive any past’s strife
By upturning those turned over feelings.
But, every time I look for a way out, I end
up re-entering a past life. I comprehend.

Today, I look for excuses not to face you;
Not to say it again, the very same things
As always, “say just to say”, but never do.

I don’t care about the ceilings or its view.
The story of – the two of us – wills me to.
I can’t hide in lies. — You know my smile.
You read my eyes. You know my disguise.


— Ricardo Sexton


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