“Failures” are not success at all, but,
There is no success without failures.
A close smile is a grin at a distance.
Like so, real love sounds like silence.

Raas is the head and feet of her table.
A crow knows, a cane makes her able.
Its good wing is broken due to falling.
It sits by a window, pecking her calling.

But, looking out for her Siamese cat.
Her tea evaporates to where she’s at.
Waking up to say goodbye to no one.
She [once] felt what made her numb.

– She cannot see, that the Top is truly
Rock bottom, and that good does not
last. As she paints she screams I got it.
While the past whispers you bought it.

Outside wins merge with losses inside.
Like a Bible study, a bloody torn page;
Where, the Judge doesn’t hit His gavel
with rage, but a lion is the lamb’s bride.


— Ricardo Sexton


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